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selling tickets

there are no up-front fees for selling tickets through You’ll only pay commision on the tickets you sell, plus a transaction fee if you choose to use our integrated platform to accept payments.

stripe payment platform uses an integrated version of the Stripe online platform to enable you to accept tickets payments.

it’s a trusted platform and is SCA-ready to comply with EU data regulations.

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transaction fees

selling tickets through

you can accept payments directly through using the SCA-ready Stripe platform. When you do this you’ll pay a standard 2.9% + $0.30 fee for each credit card transaction, plus a standard 8% commission.

use your own payment platform

ff you already have a payment platform set up, you can redirect customers to it to accept payments. We will not charge any commission or fees on tickets sold outside of

we charge a standard 2% commission on any tickets sold through our site*

*this is in addition to any transaction fees implemented by the payment provider.

event promotions

you can choose to promote your event to make it even more visible on our site for a specific amount of time. Promotional pricing is dependent on timeframe, demand and seasonality and has many variations, but we’re happy to provide a bespoke quote any time.

please email [email protected] for further information.

[email protected]

contact us, if you have any other questions regarding our pricing or fees